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Waterfall Jack™

$450.00 USD, $630.00 CAD

The Waterfall Jack™ is the ideal tool for quickly installing the perfect waterfall edge with minimal effort. This simple, yet innovative lifting tool eliminates the time-consuming struggle with shims that is experienced on a typical install. More

Product Code: WJ-109-23

Availability: Worldwide
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Effortlessly achieve the perfect waterfall edge installation with the Waterfall Jack™, a simple and innovative lifting tool that eliminates the need for shims, providing precise control over height and angle, ensuring a tight and even waterfall seam with ease and reliability, and it even includes a roll of Kung Fu Tape® for added convenience.

Attach the built-in clamps to both sides of the waterfall edge and then adjust the top knobs to "dial in" and hold the stone at the perfect height and angle while the epoxy cures… It's that easy! The Waterfall Jack™ is fast, easy, and offers greater precision and reliability than shims.


  • Dial-in flawless perpendicular seams (mitered or butt joints) for waterfall installs
  • Precise lifting eliminates the struggle with shims
  • Rubber bumpers on the clamps protect the finished edges
  • Clamp foot can be rotated away to accommodate thicker edges and returns
  • Clamping range: 14 mm - 50 mm (0.55 in. - 1.97 in.)
  • Case Includes: Two Waterfall Jack™ units and one 60 yd roll of Kung Fu Tape®
  • Kung Fu Tape® secures the waterfall piece and tightens the seam
    • Unique serrated edges for easy tearing
    • Leaves no residue upon removal up to 10 days after application
    • Strong but flexible and conforms to edges and corners
    • Stretchy - holds seams tight (acts like a clamp)
    • Gentle on natural stone and sensitive materials
    • Leaves no ghosting or shadows on your material
California Proposition 65. WARNING: Cancer  -
Product Name Waterfall Jack™
Part # WJ-109-23
MSRP $450.00 USD, $630.00 CAD
Patent Applicable Patents
Includes Two Waterfall Jack™ units and one 60 yd roll of Kung Fu Tape®
Product Dimensions 20” x 12.3” x 4.4” (all components in case)
Product Weight 7.7 lb (all components in case)
Package Dimensions 21” x 15” x 7”
Shipping Weight 9.2 lb
Load Capacity 300 lb (136 kg) per pair
Clamping Range 14 mm - 50 mm (0.55 in. - 1.97 in.)
Materials Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, zinc plated steel, non-marking hard rubber on rail & polyethylene vinyl tape with synthetic rubber


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