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Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual

$495.00 USD, $693.00 CAD

The Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual is the key to completing a “seamless” installation. It joins, levels, and actually flattens warped stone to help you consistently produce virtually invisible seams. More

Product Code: 8129-PSM-19

Availability: Worldwide
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Neolith Approved ToolingThe Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual is the key to completing a “seamless” installation. It joins, levels, and flattens glass and stone to help you consistently produce virtually invisible seams. The product’s accessible design allows you to view the seam, make adjustments, apply epoxy, and scrape the seam while it’s in use. No need for removal, and no more waiting until adhesive is cured to start cleaning up!


  • Joins, levels, and flattens warped glass and stone to help consistently produce a “seamless” look
  • Entire seam is accessible while product is in use
  • Non-marking, proprietary synthetic rubber cups are highly-durable and feature FTS™ technology for optimum hold, even on textured materials
  • Four leveling points to fine-tune the seam and eliminate unevenness of natural materials
  • Durable, 8” cups feature a continuous triple seal for strong, reliable hold
  • Gray, non-marking vacuum cups won't stain light materials—bring on the white marble!
  • Cups feature completely closed, triple sealing rings and are composed of a proprietary rubber that conforms to textured and porous surfaces for a strong, reliable hold
  • Easy to read indicators help monitor vacuum pressure at a glance
  • Cups can be re-pumped in place, without removal or loss of remaining pressure
  • More durable manual thumb pump of our own patent-pending design.
  • Vacuum-release valve is more resistant to epoxy and solvents.
  • Non-spinning, vinyl-capped leveling feet won't scratch finished tops
  • Smooth-turning knurled roller opens and closes seams with ease
  • Durable anodized billet aluminum and stainless steel components
California Proposition 65. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -
Product Name Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual
Product Guide Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual Product Guide (pdf)
Part # 8129-PSM-19
MSRP $495.00 USD, $693.00 CAD
Patent Applicable Patents
Includes One seam setter unit with 8” gray cups, two cup covers
Product Dimensions 20" x 9" x 4"
Product Weight 13 lb
Package Dimensions 22" x 10" x 4"
Shipping Weight 13.0 lb
Materials Anodized aluminum, stainless steel, zinc plated steel, plastic, rubber, silicone


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Customer Reviews | Pro Stealth Seamer™, Manual

ARRON DECKER, D&D Hotel Development

  • Customer Rating:

The Stealth Seamers have saved us considerable time in installation, given us perfect... I mean perfect seams, and they give us a "wow' factor by our clients that shows them we really do have the right tools to do the job. We often use two sets at the same time because of the size of the tops or the location we are working in.

We also use Stealth Seamers in all of our hotel installations for hanging wall panels and large tub surround panels. By far the best tool on the market for getting perfect seams and level panels, no question. This has cut our installation time by at least a 1/3 and has given us better results than any other technique we've used over the years.As a side note. We use a lot, I mean a lot, of stone fabricated in China. It is nearly impossible to get perfect stone from any shop in China - different thicknesses, hand polish slabs, warping, etc. Because of the power of the suction cups and heavy duty leveling bolts we can literally bend the granite to create a perfect seam even with substandard stone. Very cool.Thank you for an outstanding product that really has changed the quality of our installation.

Bill Heim, Heim Granite

  • Customer Rating:

I am always trying to find solutions to issues that arise during fabrication and installation of our countertops. It seems that every job is unique, be it new or remodel. The access to the job is never easy, or if it is, they are tiling it that day and you have to go the hard way. All the electrical, trim, and final touches have already been done, making the install the hardest possible for your crew. The countertops have to be “pancaked” into place, etc, etc. A couple of years ago I purchased a couple of “Hole Savers” from Omni Cubed. I liked how confident I was with the stone during install. When I ordered more I saw the Pro Cart on the web site and bought it. Impressed with the Pro Cart I thought I could save some money, I then bought a non-omni import brand cart and upon receiving it I had to re-weld the joints and reapply the rubber liner. I now own the Pro Anchor (great tool), Aqua Jaw for 6 cm bull nosed countertops and large islands, Pro Dolly set, and the Stealth Seam Setter. I feel the tools have paid for themselves in a very short time because of little breakage, easier and faster installs, and safety. We use our equipment to its maximum capacity. Any issues I have had, I simply call Omni Cubed and they take care of the issue right away. Thanks for the confidence in your product!

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