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Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6


  • 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6 ($850.00 USD, $1,190.00 CAD) (Product Code: SHS-4A-20)
  • 7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6 ($1,125.00 USD, $1,575.00 CAD) (Product Code: SHS-7A-20)

Availability: Worldwide
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Neolith Approved ToolingThe Sink Hole Saver™ Auto is a surface-mounted, vacuum-pump powered reinforcement system that strengthens fragile materials during lifting, transportation, and installation. The Sink Hole Saver™ Auto is the perfect solution for thin materials, curved countertops, vertical panels, and high-low drops. This product features proprietary, non-marking, concaved vacuum cups with triple sealing rings for a strong, reliable hold—even on textured and leathered surfaces. This product features high flow vacuum release valves for fast and hassle-free removal of product. The pump runs on a powerful yet compact VMP750 Rail-Mounted Rechargeable Pump on each adjustable rail, allowing installers to focus on the task at hand without having to manually maintain vacuum pressure. The Auto system is faster, safer, and more convenient than manual pressure maintenance.


  • Pays for itself with one prevented break™
  • Non-marking 6" cups feature a concave design for quick attachment, even to bowed surfaces
  • FTS™ (flexible triple seal) vacuum cups provide secure, reliable hold on textured or leathered materials
  • VMP750 Rail-mounted rechargeable pump runs for up to 5 hours on a single charge
  • High flow vacuum release valves for fast and hassle-free removal of product
  • Vacuum cups can be easily repositioned along material or around cutouts
  • Available sizes:
    • Sink Hole Saver™ Auto: 4’ and 7’
  • Available accessories:
    • Angle Bracket, Vertical Lifting Handle Kit, Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit, Rigid Cross-Brace Kit, and Extension Bracket
California Proposition 65. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Rigid Cross-Brace Kit (part # RCB-S4-19) attaches perpendicular to any two Omni Cubed® vacuum cup Sink Hole Savers to minimize flexing and twisting of large and fragile materials.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Angle Bracket (part # AB-SHS) connects two Sink Hole Savers to create a rigid joint at any angle up to 270° for safe transportation of uniquely shaped countertops.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Extension Bracket Kit (part # ESB-19) combines two Sink Hole Saver™ Manuals or Autos into one adjustable-length rail for greater versatility and convenience.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Vertical Lifting Handle Kit (part # VLH-19) attaches to vacuum cup Sink Hole Savers to make vertical panel installations safer, faster, and easier.
  • The Sink Hole Saver™ Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit (part # HLH-19) provides a comfortable gripping point beyond both ends of any one Sink Hole Saver™ rail or Rigid Cross-Brace bar.
  • View all Sink Hole Saver™ Accessories here.
Product Name Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6
Product Guide Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6 Product Guide (pdf)
Part # SHS-4A-20, SHS-7A-20
MSRP 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6 MSRP: $850.00 USD, $1,190.00 CAD
7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6 MSRP: $1,125.00 USD, $1,575.00 CAD
Patent Applicable Patents
Product Dimensions 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 48" x 5" x 6.5"
7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 84" x 5" x 6.5"
Product Weight 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 9 lb
7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 14.3 lb
Package Dimensions 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 48" x 5" x 6.5"
7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 84" x 5" x 6.5"
Shipping Weight 4' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 10 lb
7' Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6: 16 lb
Includes One rail, 6" vacuum cups with covers (2 vacuum cups for the 4'; 4 vacuum cups for the 7'), vacuum hose, Rechargeable Vacuum Pump, smart charger
Materials Anodized aluminum, aluminum, reinforced polymer, stainless steel, silicone, zinc plated steel, polyurethane air tubes
Rated Capacity 70 lb (31 kg) per cup; 200 lb (90 kg) per rail


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Customer Reviews | Sink Hole Saver™ Auto v6

Charles Stearns, Artistic Tile & Granite

  • Customer Rating:

Weight: good weight - not too heavy - we are used to heavy steel bars and hand clamps. This product is not too heavy, it is easy to put on, and maneuver the pieces without adding much excess weight to the stone. Easy to use: The product is simple and straightforward, anyone can figure out how to use it. It truly does perform its function and save a lot of stress of getting pieces in and out, it is an efficient and a highly valued tool.

Bill Heim, Heim Granite

  • Customer Rating:

I am always trying to find solutions to issues that arise during fabrication and installation of our countertops. It seems that every job is unique, be it new or remodel. The access to the job is never easy, or if it is, they are tiling it that day and you have to go the hard way. All the electrical, trim, and final touches have already been done, making the install the hardest possible for your crew. The countertops have to be “pancaked” into place, etc, etc. A couple of years ago I purchased a couple of “Hole Savers” from Omni Cubed. I liked how confident I was with the stone during install. When I ordered more I saw the Pro Cart on the web site and bought it. Impressed with the Pro Cart I thought I could save some money, I then bought a non-omni import brand cart and upon receiving it I had to re-weld the joints and reapply the rubber liner. I now own the Pro Anchor (great tool), Aqua Jaw for 6 cm bull nosed countertops and large islands, Pro Dolly set, and the Stealth Seam Setter. I feel the tools have paid for themselves in a very short time because of little breakage, easier and faster installs, and safety. We use our equipment to its maximum capacity. Any issues I have had, I simply call Omni Cubed and they take care of the issue right away. Thanks for the confidence in your product!

COREY GORDON, Surfside Granite

  • Customer Rating:

I heard stories about how awesome it was. Not only do Sink Hole Savers work for installs but they are just as good as for removal which saves our customers thousands in material costs instead of replacing broken countertops. No more broken sink pieces. I mean zero in the last four years. Gives us confidence to put tops in some pretty precarious situations. Great product! Just one of the many tools ya'll make that we use. Every time we pick up an Omni Cubed product we know it's going to work.

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