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S3 | Slim Slab Table HD

$1,695.00 USD, $2,373.00 CAD

Omni Cubed’s S3 | Slim Slab Table HD is the sturdiest large format thin material table on the market today. One table alone can hold up to 600 lbs! More

Product Code: SST-HD-20

Availability: Worldwide
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Experience unmatched sturdiness and durability with the S3 | Slim Slab Table HD, the ultimate solution for handling large format thin materials, glass panels, large format tile and gauged porcelain tile, and is capable of holding up to 600 lbs per slab table. Say goodbye to wobbly folding legs and welcome an easy-to-assemble, rigid unit designed for both safety and convenience, ensuring the protection of your materials and your crew.

There is no compromise here for ease of assembly and stability - the table legs are quick and easy to attach or remove by loosening the bolts a turn, making the use of your table safer and just as easy to break down, transport and store. The S3 | Slim Slab Table HD helps reduce the strain of bending, kneeling, or overstretching, as well as preventing bowing of the materials causing cracks or breakage. Material Support Pucks and Stop Posts keep the material off the rails and securely on the material handling table during scoring, cutting, beveling, and more. Use the connecting piece to combine two tables into one to easily accommodate 1.5 x 3.6 m slabs. This table literally saves your back, your material, your time, and your reputation.


  • Ultra-rigid material handling table that provides a flat, non-slip surface for safe jobsite fabrication of glass, large format tile or gauged porcelain tile
  • Ideal for LFTM (large format thin material), glass panels, large format tile, and gauged porcelain tile slabs
  • Pitched and bolted legs provide more stability than collapsible legs, yet quickly detach for transport
  • Easy-adjust leveling feet make setting up on uneven floors a breeze
  • Comfortable work height makes all-day fabrication easier and reduces worker strain
  • Non-marking synthetic rubber support pucks firmly hold material, while also reducing dangerous vibrations from power tools
  • Material is held safely above the surface of the aluminum rails allowing for through cuts, plunge cuts, and coring without damaging the tools or table
  • Bump stop posts keep smaller pieces from sliding while doing edge work
  • Slab tables can be connected with provided brackets to accommodate longer material and full slabs
  • Tool Shelf (sold separately) provides convenient access to grinders, core bits, and polishing pads while fabricating
  • Each table top is 71" x 59" (1.8 m x 1.5 m) and can accommodate slabs up to 600 lb (272 kg) evenly distributed
California Proposition 65. WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -


  • The Slim Slab Table Tool Shelf (part # SST-TS-20) easily attaches to the rails of the S3 | Slim Slab Table HD for convenient access to your tools during on-site fabrication.
Product Name S3 | Slim Slab Table HD
Product Guide S3 | Slim Slab Table HD Product Guide (pdf)
Part # SST-HD-20
Patent Applicable Patents
MSRP $1,695.00 USD, $2,373.00 CAD
Includes One table, two table connectors, four material stop posts, 48 material support pucks, 3/16” t-handle hex key
Product Dimensions L x W x H 71 x 60 x 28”
Product Weight 73 lb
Package Dimensions L x W x H 13.5 x 13.5 x 75.5”
Packaged Weight 85 lb
Rated Capacity 600 lb
Materials Aluminum, silicone, stainless steel, plated steel, PVC plastic


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