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Stone Fabrication, Transportation and Installation Solutions

Innovative and practical tools for the stone industry since 2003.

We exist to make your job easier.

Why Omni? We build tools you can trust to work and trust to last.

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Stone Fabrication

Protecting your stone starts at the beginning. Omni fabrication tools keep your material secure and ensure precision during fabrication.

Stone Transportation

Take a load off. Reduce the struggle out of moving heavy stone from the shop to the jobsite with ergonomic lifting handles and high-quality transport carts.

Stone Installation

You’ve made it to the finish line. Safely and securely dial-in expertly aligned seams, lower countertops to their final location, all while doing so with less crew members!

Product Categories

Mario Lemoncello
Top Installations, Inc.

  • Customer Rating:

“We were very excited to finally find stone installation tools that actually make the installation process easier and safer, which boosts employee morale. The Aqua-Jaw clamps are easy to use and an invaluable addition to the install crew. We have done several episodes of the DIY show Kitchen Crashers, and have had many compliments on how professional we look with these tools!”

Tyler Rell
Stone Wild Quartz and Granite

  • Customer Rating:

“The Omni Cubed 90D’s are a great tool! We are a small shop that doesn’t have the time and money to make major mistakes, so investing in the right tools is what we have done. These tools rock just like all the other Omni Cubed tools we have! They do take a practice run or two to get used to, but after that your next mitered waterfall is going to look great and be super quick and easy. Having the best tools for the job really does make a difference, and Omni Cubed has supplied us with some great ones!”

Matt Kraft
Custom Marble, Inc.

  • Customer Rating:

“The Pro-Cart is absolutely the best thing we’ve ever bought for heavy quartz tops. We can clamp monster pieces onto this thing, roll em right down the ramp out of the truck, (no ground clearance issues even with long tops), across the yard if need be, up 1-2 steps without really lifting, cross thresholds etc. 52” x 118” island last week (~700#). No issues, very safe installation.”

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Our products are distributed around the corner and across the globe. Whether you choose to buy from a local brick and mortar store or online, our Omni Cubed® Authorized Distributors are here to help.

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Meet Omni

Officially, we're Omni Cubed®

Our Company Vision is to be the most trusted provider of fabrication and installation tools in the world. Since our humble Northern-California beginnings in 2003, we have strived continuously to provide products and service of the highest quality we can achieve in order to earn and retain that trust.

Our ever-growing knowledge of mechanical design, engineering, and machining, coupled with our experience working in and with stone fabrication companies, has enabled us to produce innovative and practical tools that are helping the talented craftsmen in our industry work safely, efficiently, and be more profitable.

We invite you to experience the "Omni Cubed Difference" and let us help you achieve even greater success for your company, your workers, and with your customers.