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Always American.

Engineered. Machined. Assembled.

What does "Made in the USA from U.S. and Imported Parts" mean?

Omni Cubed products are engineered, machined, and assembled in Northern California, and a majority of our products' components are of U.S. origin.

Our products deliver the utmost quality and function. Because of this, we keep a close eye on manufacturing, machining, and assembly processes, as well as the components used. By necessity, some products require a minimal number of parts (such as certain bolts or fasteners) that are either packaged or produced in foreign countries. Therefore, according to the Federal Trade Commission (for more information: information that we have gathered, a standalone "Made in the USA" claim might be misleading to consumers. To accurately represent our products in general, we choose to use the statement "Made in the USA from U.S. and Imported Parts."