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Copied Product Notices

The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten.

Benjamin Franklin

Use Caution

What is this warning about and why is Omni Cubed sharing this information?

Our Core Purpose at Omni Cubed is to help talented craftsmen by providing them with innovative, practical tools that enable them to work safely, efficiently, and be more profitable. Since we started engineering our first product (the Lam-Clamp™) in 2003, our team has worked diligently to fulfill that purpose. Unfortunately, we've also experienced an unpleasant aspect of being an innovative and successful manufacturer: our products have been and continue to be copied.

The purpose for this warning is to educate our industry about copiers and communicate the risks associated with use of copied (and typically lower-quality) tools. Keeping fabrication and install crews safe in an increasingly dangerous industry is a top priority for our company, and in order to achieve our Company Vision of being the most trusted provider of fabrication, transportation, and installation tools in the world, we are continuing and expanding our efforts to keep the industry informed about the potential dangers of these inferior tools.

Stay Safe

Why should I be concerned about product copies? Are they really that different?

Our engineering team has conducted several technical analyses on a sampling of copied products to provide an honest report to our industry regarding these tools. In these analyses, we've found that the safety and performance of copied products are vastly different from ours. We've identified some common material "swap-outs" in critical load-bearing areas, which reduce manufacturing costs, but potentially create significant safety risks for product users.

In contrast, at Omni Cubed we use only the highest quality materials to ensure ideal product performance and safety. Our designs account for an appropriate safety factor margin when manufactured with these high-performance materials.

The Omni Cubed Difference

Why should I invest in genuine Omni Cubed products?


Our Company Vision is to be the most trusted provider of fabrication, transportation, and installation tools in the world. With that vision constantly in the forefront of our minds and decisions, we strive to only provide products and service of the highest quality we can achieve in order to earn and retain that trust.

When you see, touch, and use our tools, the difference is evident; they are crafted with care and use only high-quality materials for unmatched strength, stability, and durability. The products that ultimately make it out to the public have all undergone extensive safety testing, with close oversight and attention from our engineering and product development team, right here in Northern California, USA.

You can be confident that there is extreme and ongoing care given to engineering design, product testing, manufacturing of components, assembly, and even printed materials and labeling. We encourage all fabrication and installation companies to use great care in selecting their tools and ensure they are manufactured by trustworthy and reputable companies like ours, that place user safety as a top priority.


Omni Cubed's Customer Service & Product Support is accessible. We're not hiding—we want you to know where your product came from and how to reach us. We're here to answer questions, assist with warranty service and troubleshooting, do product repairs, and provide replacement parts to help keep your tools in good working order for many years!

We also provide usage and maintenance instructions, clear safety guidelines, informational videos, and product specifications (available on our website), so you can have the safest and most effective experience with our products and get the most out of your investment, for as long as possible.

Recognize Genuine Products

How can I be sure I am purchasing a real Omni Cubed Product?

When making an important purchase, you want to be confident in the integrity of a product. GENUINE Omni Cubed tools are easy to identify if you know what to look for.

1)  Look for Omni Cubed Name and Brand Logos. Every Omni Cubed product contains our company name and/or logo, and often the American Flag, which typically appear in multiple places on a single product.

2) Look for Professional Product Labeling. We place large, high-quality product name stickers on our products.

3) Purchase from an Authorized Omni Cubed Distributor. We only offer our products via a select and carefully chosen network of Authorized Distributors. A complete list of USA and International distributors can be viewed any time on our website by clicking Buy from our main menu.

4) Look for official printed materials. Every Omni Cubed product includes several printed resource materials including product usage instructions, warranty information, assembly instructions (if applicable), product warnings, and our product catalog.

5) Assess the overall look and feel of the product. When you see and touch genuine Omni Cubed products, you will notice they have high-quality and durable materials, components, and fasteners. We use advanced CNC machines to manufacture our own parts out of aluminum and other metals. There will be no "skimping on quality" with our products, such as by using plastic tightening handles.

6) Note the "knock-off" photos below, avoid these products. We have provided a sampling of knock-off photos that we have taken ourselves (we have not stolen these photos from any company or website). In the end, we do realize that some businesses may choose to save a few dollars by purchasing look-alike products such as those in these images, and some may even believe these products are of equal (or adequate) quality. However, not only will the quality, trust, service, and support for these products be lacking or all together missing, the use of unknown products of an unknown origin can compromise the safety of product users and greatly increase the risk of injury and property damage.

If at any time you are unsure of a product's origin, or if you just want to alert us to a potential knock-off, feel free to contact us at , and we will be happy to assist.