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Are you ready to grow personally and professionally in an uplifting work environment, while also helping your team make things better?

Great People = Great Products

Welcome to an uplifting, innovative, and freedom-loving “Made in the USA” product development company that is committed to maintaining a company culture where good employees can become great leaders, and good ideas can become great products.

We believe the ultimate success of our company and products relies on constant learning and improvement across all aspects of the company, especially within our team, as reflected in our Company Vision Statement: “We are in the business of developing our people, not just products, because we can't develop great products without great people!”

One of our Company Core Values of focus is to “nurture a positive and encouraging work environment”. To create this type of atmosphere in our world today, we know that our employees must be free to work without fear that they will find themselves on the wrong side of their employer’s politics. Therefore we work hard to retain not only a caring community where all types of people and convictions are supported, but we also work to provide a place where like-minded people who just want to work hard, keep growing, and make things better... can ultimately thrive!

If our company culture, work atmosphere, and core values appeal to you, and if like us you also desire to grow and “make things better”, please explore the open positions found below for joining our team.

Core Values

  1. Strive to be our best, give our best, and never stop growing!
  2. Offer products and service of the highest standard achievable.
  3. Maintain a workplace of impeccable order.
  4. Nurture a positive and encouraging work environment.
  5. Set and achieve goals that support the company vision.
  6. Expect and encourage teamwork and be a caring community.
  7. Uphold a work environment where learning and growing are constant, and mistakes are seen as opportunities for growth and future excellence.

Current Openings

There are no current openings at this moment.