Omni Cubed, Inc. is a Northern California based, Christian owned, engineering and design company providing high quality, innovative tooling for the stone fabrication industry.

The Omni Cubed® team has over forty years experience in mechanical design, engineering, and machining; and over thirty years experience working in and with stone fabrication companies.

We specialize in products that provide reductions in time, labor, and money spent on countertop fabrication and related processes. We place excellent customer service as a top priority, as well as being honest and fair in all business transactions. Omni Cubed® products are proudly manufactured and assembled in the USA.

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Our Slogan

Our goal at Omni Cubed is to serve and glorify God in all that we do. Our company slogan, “Engineering to a Higher Power” is a representation of this ideal. We believe that every product and service that we offer should be of the highest standard that we can possibly achieve, and that we are accountable to THE higher authority for all that we do at our company. It is also a mathematical play on words... when some number is cubed, it is another way of saying it is raised to the 3rd power (a higher power).

Scripture References:Philippians 2:141 Corinthians 3:16-171 Corinthians 6:20Matthew 5:16Psalm 148:1-14;James 1:17-221 Peter 4:11Galatians 2:20

Our Company Name

God is Omniscient: ALL KNOWING - having infinite awareness, understanding, and insight. At a glance, “Omni Cubed” may be just a name with little meaning; however, it is not just a name, but the representation of three attributes of God:

Scripture References: Job 42:2Isaiah 46:9-10Psalm 139:13-17Luke 12:5-81 Corinthians 15:27-28

God is Omnipresent: ALL PRESENT - present in all places at all times

Scripture References: Ephesians 4:6Psalm 139:7-10Jeremiah 23:23-24John 1:1-3Genesis 1:1

God is Omnipotent: ALL POWERFUL - having unlimited authority and influence

Scripture References: Matthew 28:18Jeremiah 32:17Romans 11:33-36Mark 10:27Hebrews 1:10Job 12:10;Exodus 15:18

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