Miter-It™ Auto Starter Kit

Miter-It™ Auto Starter Kit

Part #: MTR-153K
Availability: Worldwide (pricing may vary)
$975.00 USD



  • Miter finished side up; keep the seam in view
  • No flipping for gluing; protect your back and the material
  • Squares the miter with fast, easy adjustments, eliminating the need for a helper
  • Coarse and fine adjustments for exact seams
  • Continuous duty, highly efficient (1/2 CFM) vacuum source for extremely strong and reliable hold
  • Proprietary, non-marking vacuum cups won’t stain surfaces
  • Multi-port vacuum generator powers up to ten clamps for larger jobs
  • Accommodates mitered edges up to 12” tall



The Miter-It™ Auto is an easy-to-use clamp featuring our proprietary vacuum cup system with ultimate holding power. Use minimal shop (compressed) air to power the 1/2 CFM venturi vacuum generator, which accommodates up to ten clamps simultaneously (starter kit includes two clamps; additional clamps purchased separately). The system allows finished-side-up miter laminations; not flipping the material offers numerous benefits including increased safety for workers, reduced risk of damage to the material, and keeping the seam in view during lamination. The Miter-It™ Auto securely holds heavy drop-down edges at 90°, eliminating the need for a helper to position the material, and also enables vertical and horizontal fine-tune adjustments. This simple, yet innovative tool greatly reduces the numerous awkward adjustments required with other miter clamps, offers extremely strong and reliable hold, and offers better results than taping methods alone. Accommodates edges up to 12" tall; starter kit includes two clamps, our 10-port Venturi Vacuum Generator, and convenient storage case.

Typically, one Miter-It™ Auto clamp every 3 to 4 feet is sufficient, but more may be used for extra-long or heavy aprons. Attach up to eight additional clamps to the single vacuum generator included in your starter kit. Wherever you would need a hand to hold the material, put a Miter-It™ Auto clamp there instead!

PATENT US9393765


Miter-It™ Auto Replacement Parts (coming soon)

Background of the invention:
As of June 1, 2014, Omni Cubed has partnered with Kevin Pridemore of Sinkits MS LLC. to re-launch Kevin’s invention, the “Miter-It. The Omni Cubed team has committed to bring this innovative tool the same care and attention that it places on each of our products, including the highest product quality and outstanding customer service for end-users. We are excited to grow our lamination clamp line, and to now offer this outstanding miter clamp to our industry.

Product Name Miter-It™ Auto Starter Kit
Part # MTR-153K
Includes Two miter clamp units with 5" gray vacuum cups, two cup covers, 10-port Venturi Vacuum Generator, ten port plugs, 20' air tubing, ¼” industrial quick-connect male coupler, storage case
Product Dimensions 26" x 12" x 10" (all components in case)
Product Weight 21 lb (all components in case)
Package Dimensions 26" x 12" x 12"
Shipping Weight 24 lb
Clamping Range Accommodates mitered edges up to 12” tall
Materials Anodized aluminum, aluminum, stainless steel, silicone, zinc plated steel, polyurethane air tubing