Miter-It™ Corner

Miter-It™ Corner

Part #: MTR-144C
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  • Miter finished side up; keep the seam in view
  • No flipping for gluing; protect your back and the material
  • Squares the miter with fast, easy adjustments, eliminating the need for a helper
  • Coarse and fine adjustments for exact seams
  • More efficient than taping methods alone
  • Jig's weight and non-skid contact points hold it in place
  • Highly durable steel construction with powder-coat finish
  • Accommodates laminated edges from 1.5" - 6"



The Miter-It™ is an easy-to-use jig that allows finished-side-up miter laminations. Not flipping the material offers numerous benefits including increased safety for workers, reduced risk of damage to the material, and keeping the seam in view during lamination. The clamp offers coarse and fine adjustment settings for achieving exact seams. The Miter-It securely holds drop-down edges at 90°, eliminating the need for a helper to position the material. The jig's weight and non-marking, non-skid contact surface hold the product and miter piece in place—no suction cups needed. This simple, yet innovative tool greatly reduces the numerous awkward adjustments required with other miter clamps, and offers better results than taping methods alone. The heavy-duty steel design features a powder-coat finish and accommodates edges from 1.5" - 6".

PATENT US9393765


Miter-It™ Replacement Parts


Background of the invention:
As of June 1, 2014, Omni Cubed has partnered with Kevin Pridemore of Sinkits MS LLC. to re-launch Kevin’s invention, the “Miter-It. The Omni Cubed team has committed to bring this innovative tool the same care and attention that it places on each of our products, including the highest product quality and outstanding customer service for end-users. We are excited to grow our lamination clamp line, and to now offer this outstanding miter clamp to our industry.

Miter-It™ Corner

Product Name Miter-It™ Corner
Part # MTR-144C
Includes One corner clamp
Product Dimensions 9" x 9" x 11"
Product Weight 11.4 lb
Package Dimensions 9" x 9" 13"
Shipping Weight 14 lb
Clamping Range 38 mm to 152 mm (1.5 in. to 6 in.)
Materials Steel, powder coated steel, zinc plated steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, PVC, rubber