Low-Profile Bumper

Low-Profile Bumper

Part #: 4139-LPB, 5139-LPB
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The Low-Profile Bumper accessory for the No-Spin Edger protects faucet fixtures and other lower-profile vertical surfaces from the edge of spinning pads during polishing or refinishing. This durable plastic ring easily snaps onto the No-Spin Edger, effectively lowering the contact surface of the free-floating disk.



General Specifications
Includes Bumper for No-Spin Backer Pad
Materials Durable, non-marking plastic
Product Weight 0.1 lb
Package Dimensions 7” x 7” x 2”
Shipping Weight 0.5 lb
4" Low Profile Bumper Accessory
Part # 4139-LPB
Product Dimensions 4" Outside Diameter, 1" High
5" Low Profile Bumper Accessory
Part # 5139-LPB
Product Dimensions 5" Outside Diameter, 1" High