Pro-Cart AT1

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As a Union shop, time is money and these carts have positively affected our bottom line by allowing our guys to work faster, safer, and more efficiently.

Photo courtesy of Jay Mahaffey (see Testimonial below).

The look and comments of the install crew after a tough install was priceless: Where was this ten years ago!
Its about time!


The Pro-Cart is absolutely the best thing we've ever bought for heavy quartz tops.

I have used your Pro-Cart AT1 for about 3 years and can't tell you how much just this cart alone has helped to improve our company.

We like how the cart attaches directly to the stone allowing you to maneuver the pieces up stairs with a lot less effort and with only two men.

My install crews love this cart! They call it the NASA ('cause it’s like a rocket for installation) go figure!


Just wanted to let you know this cart is fantastic!


I first bought the sink hole saver, it saved many tops in the first year.

The cart performed flawlessly. In addition, we left the cart attached to the island top during the entire installation process.

Just wanted to drop another note to tell you how pleased we are with the Pro-Cart!


I feel the tools have paid for themselves in a very short time because of little breakage, easier and faster installs, and safety.

Buying the Pro-Cart AT1 was the best money I've ever spent on a stone tool.