Pro-Dolly™ HD1

Mosaica HardSurface

Omni Cubed helps Mosaica HardSurface work smarter not harder. Challenged to move over 4000 lbs of granite up two flights to assemble a rooftop bar in downtown Minneapolis...


Lucas Van Der Merwe

I love Omni Cubed products! I can’t believe there was ever a time we did it without!

Concrete Creations

Using the right equipment made installing this 700 lb top 10 times easier.


The Pro-Dolly really makes our job easier; it saves time and is safer for my workers.


It makes it much easier to turn corners and position the slab where we need it in order to set it in place.


I feel the tools have paid for themselves in a very short time because of little breakage, easier and faster installs, and safety.


If you install stone, YOU NEED THIS TOOL.