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Hamilton Schwarzhoff, Inc.

Not one broken lam strip! When waterjet cutting curved stone, it gets expensive. You don't want to have to recut something. Especially with antique stone!

Photo courtesy of Mark Hamilton (see Testimonial inside).

Lam-Clamps are the most secure & fastest way produce consistently tight seams for edge build-ups.

I recommend them to other companies who want to run a more efficient fabrication department.


Lam-Clamps are faster, easier, and produce a tighter seam than any other clamp we’ve tried.


I like these clamps because they are much faster and the handles don't hurt my hands like c-clamps.


I just ordered 20 more!


It's a great product. I'm very happy with the clamp's performance.


The glue comes off easy, the seams come out really tight, and the clamps are way faster than c-clamps. 


Your clamps are awesome... I love them... in fact I need to order some more!


We are more than happy with how good they work!