Seam Setter VCA & VCM

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We love our seam setters from Omni Cubed!


The "Seam Setters" are the perfect tool for creating tight, level seams at the job site.


We thought we made great seams before, but there is no comparison to what we can do now. 

I then purchased the Seam Setter VC2, I have used many seam setters but this one is the best!


Great products.


The seam setter VC2 works really great.


Recently we purchased the Omni Cubed VC2 seam setter. It has proven to be more helpful than we ever expected.


Our guys prefer the Omni Cubed VC2 because of the compactness, the ease of setting up and the ease of leveling seams.

Our seams got a lot better since we started using your seam setters.