Sink Hole Saver™

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Michael Paul's Natural Stone

These new RPP batteries are the bomb!!!


Surfside Granite

I heard stories about how awesome it was. Not only do Sink Hole Savers work for installs but they are just as good as for removal which saves our customers thousands in material costs instead of replacing broken countertops.

The Sink Hole Savers helped us so much in the past and present.

Thank you JESUS and thank you Omni Cubed.


I recently purchased a few sets of the Sink Hole Savers and I wish I bought them earlier. Now I don't have to be a nervous wreck when we are moving an undermount...

The Sink Hole Saver™ is absolutely a "game changer"! In the past we were using a lot of steel rods and a lot of epoxy.

We have used the Sink Hole Saver™ for two years now and have loved it from the first day.

I just wanted to thank you for the great customer service and how you guys are standing behind your product.

After breaking 3 tops in 1 month, I needed something and Omni Cubed had just what I needed - the Sink Hole Savers.

I now own the Pro Anchor (great tool), Aqua Jaw for 6 cm bull nosed countertops and large islands, Pro Dolly set, and the Stealth Seam Setter. I feel the tools have paid for themselves in a very short time because of little breakage, easier and faster installs, and safety.

I first bought the Sink Hole Saver™, it saved many tops in the first year.


We have used several Omni Cubed products with great success.