Now Available! New Omni Cubed Carts for 2014

Now Available! New Omni Cubed Carts for 2014

Now Available! New Omni Cubed Carts for 2014

January 15, 2014

We are kicking off 2014 with FOUR new carts: new models of our all-terrain AT1 and AT2 Pro-Carts, a new model of the low-profile Pro-Dolly™ called the Pro-Dolly™ HD1, and an all new low-profile dolly called the Pro-Dolly™ HD2. The Pro-Dolly™ HD1 and HD2 are smaller carts that sit very close to the ground, and are often used in pairs for large, tall countertops (two Pro-Dolly™ HD2s can handle tops weighing up to 2,000 pounds!). In contrast, the Pro-Cart AT1 and AT2 are larger carts that have been designed to sit higher off the ground for increased maneuverability in “all-terrain” situations, such as when there is the need for “popping wheelies” and rolling over curbs, or when the dreaded trip up stairs is required (the Pro-Carts are designed to enable “resting” on stairs to make the process safer and less strenuous for installers).

Four models of carts may seem unnecessary for some manufacturers, but for Omni Cubed, this complete product line exemplifies our focus on making sure our customers have what they need in order to handle every type of install situation they may face.

Omni Cubed Carts Also Now Feature Amerityre™ Flat-free Tires

Omni Cubed recently teamed up with Amerityre™ (premier manufacturer of flat-free tires made in America) to provide tires for our entire cart product line. These tires are made with closed-cell polyurethane foam which is extremely durable, won’t soak up water, is non-marking, and exhibit excellent shock absorption, similar to a pneumatic tire yet without the maintenance. Continual improvement of our product lines shows that we listen to our customers and that we are committed to providing professional tools with the best value possible.

Excerpt from Amerityre website:


Founded in 1995, Amerityre first developed polyurethane foam tires based on proprietary chemical formulations. Because our foam tires are fabricated using a closed cell polyurethane material, they never go flat. Thus, the company registered the Flatfree™ trade mark for these products. Our foam tires are used in Low Duty Cycle applications including bicycles, hand trucks, medical mobility products such as scooters and wheelchairs, commercial mowers and lawn & garden products, golf carts and wheel barrows.

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