Omni Cubed Goes to Sydney

Omni Cubed Goes to Sydney


May 10, 2016

Omni Cubed recently had the privilege of traveling to Sydney, Australia to participate in CDK Stone’s annual Open House event, where we demonstrated our international products for their customers and staff. We also enjoyed visiting some local fab shops (Down Under, they're called factories), talking with fabricators, touring a stone quarry, and even found some time to enjoy a few tourist activities.

The Australian economy is still recovering from the recent global recession, but optimistic building and residential remodeling are on the rise. Skilled craftsmen are hard to come by, and highly valued by their Foremen. The factories that survived the economic downturn are now going strong, and the ones we visited were quite busy.

The most predominant stone on the continent is sandstone. Quarried locally, the sedimentary indigenous stone ranges from solid golden hues, to banded warm browns, oranges, and pinks. Local sandstone is used everywhere for almost everything, except countertops.

Due to Australia’s relatively central location, stone slabs for countertops (called decks) are imported from all over the world. Although engineered stone and thin material are extremely popular, there’s still a big demand for natural stone. We found that Australians favor white stone with massive mitered edge profiles.

During our trip, we found the climate mild and the people warm. We were struck by how widely universal the challenges of our industry are. We always appreciate the opportunity to meet with fabricators because it helps us learn how to better support the stone industry. At Omni Cubed, we strive to make your job easier, safer, and more sustainable. It is our desire to help you overcome the unique difficulties of working with stone.

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