Pro-Lift Automatic making a difference!

Pro-Lift Automatic making a difference!

Pro-Lift Automatic making a difference!

July 16, 2014

Proving to be invaluable to fabricators

The first shipments of Pro-Lift Automatics left our warehouse in June and they have made a positive impact already! As an example, here is what Bobby Serna, owner of Sacramento Stone Works in Capitan, New Mexico had to say upon first uses of the product:

“We were one of the first fabricators to purchase the Omni Cubed Pro-Lift Automatic. We’re a small, family-run, two man shop; so when we saw the Pro-Lift at Coverings this year, we knew this would be the perfect tool for us.

It arrived on a Friday, so my son and I took it on an install we had already planned for a friend that weekend. It was an L-shaped countertop that we needed to position on a 45 degree bottom base. The Pro-Lift performed very well! Using it to assist in the heavy lifting was straight-forward and it made the install go smoothly and quickly. In fact, when the Omni Cubed Customer Rep called the following week to see if it had arrived, I had to tell him about that first use and how great the experience was.

We have another, bar height, large slab install scheduled in the coming weeks and we are really looking forward to having the Pro-Lift there to assist us.

The Pro-Lift, in my opinion, is an invaluable asset to my business. I feel more confident knowing my son and I will work safer and more efficiently, now that we have this great tool from Omni Cubed.”

Omni Cubed appreciates the support of Bobby and his son at Sacramento Stone Works, and we are pleased to see the confidence they have placed in the Pro-Lift Automatic.

We've got your back; use the Pro-Lift to save it!